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Greeler provides low-cost Guided Voicemail™ services to clients wishing to broadcast a voicemail message to a business list in an economical way. Think of us as the courier of your voicemail into the voice mailbox of each person on your B2B marketing list.

How we deliver your voicemail

From our North American based call center, as a low-cost alternative to telemarketing, our callers navigate through receptionists, extensions and dial-by-name and then playback your recorded voicemail message into the correct person's voice mailbox. We specialize in low-cost fulfillment of our business voicemail broadcast service.


Use Guided Voicemail™ to help with event promotion - invite and remind everyone on your B-to-B list to attend your web event, seminar, or trade show. Use Guided Voicemail™ for sales support - nurture your prospects consistently with relationship building messages. Use Guided Voicemail™ to make announcements, for product launches, and to convey updates and information or in conjunction with email and direct mail campaigns. When you think of Greeler as the courier of your voicemail, you'll see that there are many ways we can help with your business-to-business sales and marketing efforts.

Competitive Advantage
Greeler specializes in low-cost business voicemail marketing. We cater to customers on a budget who are seeking an economical way to deliver a voice mail message to their B2B list through operator Guided Voicemail™.

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